L.A. Shepherd and The Noise

For Northwest Alabama-based L.A. Shepherd & The Noise, music isn't just a passion—it's a way of life. The band has honed their skill set for years, and are destined to become a household name.

Lead singer, 25-year-old L.A. Shepherd, began singing at age five and began writing songs at age eight. The passion for lyric-driven music has fueled the fire he’s held inside until he put his first band together in 2016. 

As the nephew of Grammy-nominated songwriter Earl 'Peanutt' Montgomery, who penned 73 songs for country legend George Jones, Shepherd decided at a young age that music would be a major part of his life.

Shepherd has won multiple songwriting competitions and attended Northwest-Shoals Community College on a full-chorale scholarship. His rich, second-baritone voice has become a favorite for fans in the music hotbed of Muscle Shoals. 

Following the footsteps of the legends before him, L.A. Shepherd & The Noise are determined to keep alive the sounds of yesterday, mixing that Muscle Shoals sound of blues and rock into the country roots they have always had.

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LA Shepherd and The noise

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